Purchase, Sale, and Rental of Real Estate

At Real(i)ty & Law, we offer you a comprehensive service that covers each and every stage of your property acquisition, sale, or rental process. We also provide ongoing tax assistance and representation in the event you need help to comply with your annual tax obligations as property owner in Spain.


Segregation, Division, and Joining of Real Estate

Property owners are legally entitled to split, segregate, group, or join together plots of land, apartments, commercial areas, or their annexes. These procedures are only allowed when the resulting properties meet applicable regulations, and territorial and urban planning requirements, every time that the relevant municipal permits or a “no-need” certificate have been granted.

New Construction Deeds

A new construction deed is a notarial record used to document upon its completion the construction of a new building or the extension of an existing one. The purpose of this deed is to register the new property or of its new physical reality/characteristics in the Land Registry.

Advising on Urban Planning

Request and processing of construction permits. Regularization of facilities or constructions. Submission of allegations, and filing of administrative or contentious-administrative appeals that may proceed in response to disciplinary proceedings due to potential urban infractions. Processing of files, permits, or deeds needed to comply with the Law and restore urban planning legality (demolition, cease of activity, etc.).

Inheritance and Will Signing Procedures

Due to its high level of technical complexity, most legal inquiries revolve around Inheritance Law. The passing of a loved one is by itself a very difficult time in our lives. The additional stress of having to deal with legal procedures in a foreign country can make this experience a real ordeal. Therefore, it is highly recommended to rely on the assistance and expertise of a lawyer well versed in these topics.

Non-Resident Taxation

Non-resident individuals and legal entities will be subject to the payment of Non-Resident Income Tax in Spain every time they generate income in Spanish territory. Such income may come from economic activities, personal use or rental of urban properties, or capital gains obtained from the sale of real estate, among other cases.


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