Segregation, Division, and Joining of Real Estate

Procedure for Splitting or Merging Property

Property owners are legally entitled to split, segregate, group, or join together plots of land, apartments, commercial areas, or their annexes.

Basically, segregation and division consist of “splitting” or “breaking up” a plot of land to transform it into two or more parcels with smaller surfaces. From that moment on, the resulting properties will be independent from one another. In segregation, the original plot of land continues to exist, and the segregated parcel or parcels are separated from it. In division, the original plot disappears and it becomes several different properties.

On the other hand, joining and annexation are the opposite process, which consists of joining two or more parcels of land to create a larger one. In joining, a new plot of land is formed from the union of several existing plots. This resulting plot has a new description and a new cadastral reference, and the identification numbers of the previous plots are deleted. In the annexation of parcels, however, one or several small plots of land are added to a larger one. The cadastral reference of this larger parcel, called “parent”, remains unchanged, but its registry description is modified to reflect the addition of the smaller plots, whose cadastral references are also deleted.

The four abovementioned procedures (segregation, division, joining, and annexation of plots) are only allowed when the resulting properties meet applicable regulations, and territorial and urban planning requirements, and every time that the relevant municipal permits or a “no-need” certificate have been granted. This entails a complex technical, legal, and administrative process, as it is a situation that involves changes in the cadastral and Land Registry entries.

Reorganisation of Rustic Plots of Land in Málaga


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