Live so that, when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.


  • Honesty and ethics
  • Empathy and personalised attention
  • Independence and respect for the client
  • Initiative and a proactive approach
  • Personal and fluid communication
  • Pursuit of excellence

Honesty and ethics

At Real(i)ty & Law, we will always aim to act in accordance with the principles of independence and objectivity, implementing policies and procedures that help us avoid conflicts of interest, and ensuring professional confidentiality.

We absolutely reject any corrupt or unethical behaviours, and base our code of conduct on fundamental values ​​such as truth and justice. We strive to ensure that our actions are consistent with our beliefs, in order to establish interpersonal relationships based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect.

Empathy and personalised attention

As far as Law is concerned, there is no such thing as “one size fits all,” in particular when it comes to such personal matters as the sale or purchase of a property, or the acceptance of an inheritance. For this reason, at Real(i)ty & Law we conduct a preliminary study of each case, in order first to establish clearly what the clients want and what their needs are, and also to analyse from a legal and technical point of view the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure in question, as well as a range of possible approaches and future implications. Whatever amount of time is needed for this initial assessment, we will invest, as it will help us lay the foundations that later will allow us to achieve our objectives and to provide an excellent quality service.

Experience shows us that no issue is smaller or less important than other. For a client, especially if he/she is thousands of miles away, a burst pipe or a power outage in their home can be as worrying —and lead to the same stress levels— as the purchase of a luxurious, expensive villa. At Real(i)ty & Law we are well aware of that. Thus, we do not believe there is such thing as a “small client” —we value each and everyone of them, and feel that each one deserves the same personalized attention, customized treatment, and level of commitment.

Independence and respect for the client

One of greatest satisfactions we can feel as professionals is that clients place their trust in us. And, as it could not be otherwise, we respect each and every one of the decisions our clients make.

However, —as their lawyers— it is our duty to advise them in an objective and impartial manner, even in those situations when they will not like what they need to hear. The reason is that our ultimate goal is to protect their interests, now and in the long term.

Initiative and a proactive approach

Your lawyer should show initiative and know how to be decisive when the circumstances so demand it. You need for your lawyer to take control when the situation calls for it, and to be able to anticipate problems before they occur.

We cannot promise that there will be no problems. But we can promise that, when they arise, our legal team will know exactly how to address them finding the most convenient solution. This can be achieved by studying each case thoroughly, and by staying up to date with new regulations and legal instruments at our disposal.

Personal and fluid communication

At Real(i)ty & Law, special importance is given to face-to-face interactions, since they help to enhance the emotional connection with our clients —something rarely achieved with written communications— and develop solid and trust-based relationships. A handshake, a smile, or an affectionate look are gestures that we all appreciate and value, probably now more than ever, after the difficult pandemic years .

On the other hand, clients rarely have a thorough knowledge of the Law and that is why they come to us. Therefore, being able to explain any legal subject —regardless of how complex it may be— in a transparent and clear manner, and using terms our clients can understand, is key. Our clients appreciate that we convey concepts and ideas clearly, unambiguously, and in simple terms, and that we keep them regularly informed about the status of their transactions.

Pursuit of excellence

Excellence isn´t just about a job well done. It doesn’t mean perfection either. The pursuit of excellence means to always give your best, with generosity and sacrifice. It involves a commitment that goes beyond mere professional responsibilities and that exceeds what is usually required. At Real(i)ty & Law, we are committed to constant learning and improvement. We put our heart and soul into each issue, and spare no effort to provide a top quality service to our clients. To this end, we encourage you to send us your feedback and comments on any aspect that you think we could improve.


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Free initial consultation

We offer all our potential clients a free initial consultation. Understandably, any legal procedure raises doubts. We do not want that a lack of knowledge or inaccurate advice leads to an unwise decision that hurts your interests.

Treat yourself to some peace of mind, and contact us by phone, email, or whatsapp. We look forward to working with you.

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