New Construction Deeds

Building or Renovating Your House in Spain

The construction of any kind of building (whether it is a single-family house, a block of apartments, or a swimming pool), as well as any addition or remodeling work, generally involves a challenging process that entails a significant amount of legal, technical, and administrative paperwork before different entities and public bodies.

This process begins with a draft of the construction project completed by a qualified technician; then a request for a building permit must be applied for at the corresponding town hall. When financing to carry out the construction is needed –and even before the beginning of the work, the banking entities also require that the interested party signs an “under construction” deed before a notary, which then must be registered in the Land Registry. The purpose is to officially document that both the building project and the license exist.

Once the construction, addition, or remodeling work is finished, a new construction deed must be signed. A new construction deed is a notarial record used to document upon its completion the construction of a new building, or the extension or remodelling of an existing one. The purpose of this deed is to register the new property or its new physical reality/characteristics in the Land Registry.

Rest assured that the building of your dream home in Málaga, Marbella or anywhere else in Costa del Sol, is carried out smoothly and in compliance with current legislation by leaving this procedure in the expert hands of Real(i)ty & Law.


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